Containers and VMs: What is the difference?

Containers are a very big topic right now, but they also cause a lot of confusion for people. Before we discuss containers, containerization, and container orchestration; we should address the question of how containers differ from virtual machines (VMs). Both are built on the concept of Virtualization. Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual … Continue reading Containers and VMs: What is the difference?

Shared Focus – Using The First Way with DevOps

A common issue I see when discussing DevOps with teams or organizations is the presence of Organizational Silos. Organizational Silos are made up of all types of people. Sometimes its a job type, like developers, qa, or infrastructure. Sometimes its a department, like accounting, or hr. Whatever the composition of these silos, they usually impact … Continue reading Shared Focus – Using The First Way with DevOps

Some Tools to Help Present Git I'm presenting soon on Advanced Git. I feel a lot of Developers and DevOps engineers know enough git to the job, but sometimes that's it. I want to help people be more comfortable with the git command line, and help alleviate some fear or hesitation in dealing with git edge cases. While researching things, … Continue reading Some Tools to Help Present Git

Dependency Injection, Architecture, and Testing

This blog was posted as part of the Third Annual C# Advent. Make sure to check out everyone else's work when you're done here Depenency Injection, or DI, is a Software Architecture Design Pattern. DI is something that comes up during discussions on SOLID, IoC (Inversion of Control), testing, and refactoring. I want to speak … Continue reading Dependency Injection, Architecture, and Testing