Presenting Best Practices – Part 1

Presenting at THAT Conference 2020 Presenting and speaking are skills that require practice to hone. I was a consultant for many years presenting to clients and customers of all levels and sizes. In addition, I started speaking and presenting at meetups, user groups, and conferences. Over the years, I practiced, I read, and I gave … Continue reading Presenting Best Practices – Part 1

Time to follow my Dream – I’m joining Microsoft!!!!

I'm so excited to announce that I'm joining Microsoft! I'll be joining the Fast Track for Azure - Apps team as a Senior Customer Engineer. My first day will be October 25th, the 20th anniversary of the release of Windows XP. It's been quite a journey to get here. I've been enthralled with technology since … Continue reading Time to follow my Dream – I’m joining Microsoft!!!!

Containers and VMs: What is the difference?

Containers are a very big topic right now, but they also cause a lot of confusion for people. Before we discuss containers, containerization, and container orchestration; we should address the question of how containers differ from virtual machines (VMs). Both are built on the concept of Virtualization. Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual … Continue reading Containers and VMs: What is the difference?

Shared Focus – Using The First Way with DevOps

A common issue I see when discussing DevOps with teams or organizations is the presence of Organizational Silos. Organizational Silos are made up of all types of people. Sometimes its a job type, like developers, qa, or infrastructure. Sometimes its a department, like accounting, or hr. Whatever the composition of these silos, they usually impact … Continue reading Shared Focus – Using The First Way with DevOps

Snake Oil DevOps – BEWARE!

As a DevOps Consultant a lot of what I do is spent on People and Processes. If you remember the definition of DevOps that I love is from Donovan Brown, “DevOps is the union of People, Processes, and Products to continuously deliver value to our end users”. I want to keep reiterating this, continuously deliver value to our end users. I bring this … Continue reading Snake Oil DevOps – BEWARE!

What is DevOps?

What Isn’t DevOps? Before I define DevOps, let’s get started with what DevOps isn’t. DevOps isn’t just a title, or a guy, or a department. DevOps isn’t just automating everying, and isn’t just logging everything. DevOps isn’t dozens of alerts every day, and isn’t an on-call rotation. DevOps isn’t agile or small releases. DevOps is a mindset. … Continue reading What is DevOps?